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I think
you are someone special.
I am
happy to have someone
like you in my life
especially at a time
like this.
It seems like
everything went wrong,
but you were just
one of those rights.
I am
grateful for you.
Thank you
for everything because
I think
you mean something to me.

I really don’t like how there’s not a “read more” option on the tumblr mobile app.

Anyway. Don’t mind me.

I think it’s sort of strange to experience divorce at this age. I’m not toddler, a little kid or anything anymore. I’m moving out in four months. I’m going to have a new life soon and so are my parents-just not together. I have been knowing and waiting for this moment to come and quite frankly I’m not as upset as I thought I would be. The me last year would probably cry and feel as if it was all my fault but times really have changed. I’m not the same weak-minded person as I was before where every little thing took a huge toll on me. Now I actually understand that shit really just happens in life and you can’t help but just deal with it as it comes. Things you can’t change-don’t bother changing them because it won’t happen. Anyway this is getting long. I don’t know how I feel really. I am a bit saddened I suppose but I just hope my parents can be happy. That’s all I really want for them and if this is what it’ll take, then so be it.

Forever never understanding you.

tired eyes

It’s the same routine-
Every day I wake up
With tired eyes and
Deep sighs
Wondering if today will be
Any better than yesterday.
I’m walking aimlessly
Without direction
Without thought
Without feeling
Without anything.
Every morning is the same dream
I keep hoping I’ll wake up from.
I’m tired by the thought
Of having to get up
To relive it.


Sha-Leik - Shiki No Uta [remix]

(via sequard)



Tell me.
I would like to know.
Are you happy with your life now?
Are things better for you?
Is that why we don’t talk anymore?
Is that why you decided to stop?
Why do you still check up on me?
Why do you always lie?
Do you even care at all?
Because I don’t understand.
Tell me.
I would like to know
When things started to change
Between us.
I’m not upset (with you).
I’m just wondering that’s all.

I think I get it now. You don’t actually care. You’re just curious and making sure I don’t find happiness too.

You don’t even know what you’re waiting for really.


Not a single thought
Went through my mind
No concern for the consequences
I just didn’t care
Because nothing
Mattered at that point
What can they say?
What can she do?
What about you?
I went in without feeling
I came out feeling empty
As I always do