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Tell me.
I would like to know.
Are you happy with your life now?
Are things better for you?
Is that why we don’t talk anymore?
Is that why you decided to stop?
Why do you still check up on me?
Why do you always lie?
Do you even care at all?
Because I don’t understand.
Tell me.
I would like to know
When things started to change
Between us.
I’m not upset (with you).
I’m just wondering that’s all.

I think I get it now. You don’t actually care. You’re just curious and making sure I don’t find happiness too.

You don’t even know what you’re waiting for really.


Not a single thought
Went through my mind
No concern for the consequences
I just didn’t care
Because nothing
Mattered at that point
What can they say?
What can she do?
What about you?
I went in without feeling
I came out feeling empty
As I always do

"I am loving you more."

— Giants | Bear Hands

(Source: myprettypower, via nujanes)

I am truly sorry you feel the need to resort to slander just so you can feel a bit better about yourself. It’s one thing to keep it to yourself and another to tell the entire world without good intent.

A few things:

You dug your own grave. You did it to yourself quite honestly. Maybe next time you will be wiser and not make threats online.
It is appalling how people fail to admit their wrongdoings and proceed to blame others for their own faulty action. No one makes you feel inferior without your consent.
Do not blame others for your insecurities. Stop blaming just me.
No one was talking to you. Why are you butting into my business? Why do people like yourself feel it’s okay to create an uproar out of nothing?
Opinions are opinions. You don’t have to agree with mine but there is no need to feel offended or the need to criticize me for it.
You are an imbecile. Worthless, lazy and useless. Sitting on your bottom complaining about the world while achieving nothing is hardly an excuse to act that way.
You cannot keep trying to see the good in others because sometimes there is simply no good. It’s not worth getting yourself into.
I should have never defended you. I should have never had your back when everyone said terrible things about you constantly. I really shouldn’t have bothered because I can see how much you appreciated my efforts by how you are treating me now.
That bad attitude of yours won’t cut it in the real world.
Don’t be surprised when you find yourself all alone.
They insisted you were crazy. I can’t say they’re wrong.
wrong investment

One day you decided
You have had enough
And left.
It was discrete, unknowing,
Empty, and strange.
You worked your way
Into my life
And now you suddenly want out.
I don’t understand
How you feel at all.
You used to be there for me
Whenever I needed you,
But my, how things have changed.
I didn’t start to notice
Until weeks went by
And we hardly spoke a word.
Is this what you wanted?
You left me feeling quite uneasy.
An explanation of some sort
Would be nice,
But im not going to bother
Trying to chase after you.
I’ve had enough of that.

humorously me

Does she know
How you are
When she isn’t looking?
Why do you
Think it’s okay
To treat me like this?
You act like
We are (just) friends
You are not (just) my friend.
You never have
Or will be, ever.
I’m sorry but,
It’s not okay anymore.
I find that
I’m much too forgiving
When I shouldn’t be.
Every time I say
I’m completely done
And over with it,
You walk by for a second
And effortlessly push
Down my concrete walls.
What you’re doing
Is not okay.
Please (just) stop already.